1 to 110 MHz, High Temperature (-40 to +125°C) SOT23 Oscillator

SIT2018B振荡器采用SOT23封装,以获得最佳板级焊点可靠性和低成本,光学GydF4y2Baboard-levelinspection. This device features a wide frequency range,excellent stability,以及最短的交货时间GydF4y2Ba工业,医疗,汽车,航空电子产品和其他高温应用GydF4y2Ba。GydF4y2BaThis device also features the industry's best 0.1 ppb/g vibration sensitivity, 50,000 g shock and 70 g vibration resistance.OARD级检查。该器件具有最宽的频率范围,功耗最低,最佳稳定性和消费者,网络,工业等应用的最短交换时间。GydF4y2Ba


程序振荡器以获得即时样本,优化的性能和快速原型|GydF4y2BaLearn More

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Oscillator Type XO-SE.GydF4y2Ba
Frequency 1 to 110 MHz
频率稳定性(PPM)GydF4y2Ba ±20, ±25, ±50
阶段抖动(RMS)GydF4y2Ba 1.3 ps
输出类型GydF4y2Ba LVCMOS
工作温度范围(°C)GydF4y2Ba -40 to +105, -40 to +125
FlexEdgeTMRise/Fall Time Yes
Voltage Supply (V) 1.8, 2.5 to 3.3
Package Type (mm²) SOT23(2.9x2.8)GydF4y2Ba
Features Field programmable, High temperature 125°C, SOT23-5
Availability 生产GydF4y2Ba

汽车温度±20 ppm。(-40至+125°C)GydF4y2Ba

  • 更好的时序边缘适合户外和高温。操作环境GydF4y2Ba


  • 1 - 110 MHz之间的任何频率,具有6位小数精度GydF4y2Ba
  • 1.8 V or 2.5 V to 3.3 V supply voltage
  • 自定义最佳系统性能规范GydF4y2Ba
  • Use same base device for many design, reducing qualification needs

0.1 ppb/GGydF4y2Balow g-sensitivity

  • Improved system performance under vibration
  • 载体滴测试顺应性(STB等);GydF4y2Ba

70GGydF4y2Bavibration and 50,000GGydF4y2Ba休克GydF4y2Ba

  • Best system reliability in harsh environments;

FlexEdge™ rise/fall time

  • Optimize EMI to reduce interference to other subsystems;

SOT23-5 package

  • 最佳板级焊点可靠性GydF4y2Ba
  • Easy, low-cost, optical-only, board-level inspection of solder joints;


  • 减少库存开销GydF4y2Ba
  • 减轻短缺风险GydF4y2Ba

  • Engine & transmission ECUs
  • XTAL replacement
  • ADAS computer
  • Automotive cameras
  • Infotainment
  • Precision GNSS
  • GPS / GNSS模块GydF4y2Ba
  • Power & energy
  • 铁路GydF4y2Ba


文档名称GydF4y2Ba 类型GydF4y2Ba
5L-SOT23 Package Composition Report Composition Reports
Electronics Industry Citizen Coalition Template 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
Manufacturing Notes for SiTime Products 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
SiTime Conflict Metal Declaration 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
SiTime Environmental Policy 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
日期代码的境内保修(16.72 kB)GydF4y2Ba 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
ISO9001:2015 Certificate of Registration 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
冲突矿物报告模板GydF4y2Ba 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
5L-SOT23封装资格报告 - CAREMGydF4y2Ba 可靠性报告GydF4y2Ba
距离振荡器可靠性报告(0.18微米CMOS工艺产品)GydF4y2Ba 可靠性报告GydF4y2Ba
SiT16XX, SiT89XX High Temp Product Qualification Report 可靠性报告GydF4y2Ba
SOT23包UTAC可靠性报告GydF4y2Ba 可靠性报告GydF4y2Ba
TSMC Wafer SGS Report RoHS / REACH / Green证书GydF4y2Ba
Tower Jazz Wafer SGS Report RoHS / REACH / Green证书GydF4y2Ba
5L-SOT23 Package Homogeneous Materials and SGS Report – Carsem RoHS / REACH / Green证书GydF4y2Ba
BOSCH Wafer SGS Report RoHS / REACH / Green证书GydF4y2Ba
WLCSP封装均质材料和SGS报告GydF4y2Ba RoHS / REACH / Green证书GydF4y2Ba
SiTime Environmental Compliance Declaration RoHS / REACH / Green证书GydF4y2Ba
合规证书 - 欧盟RoHS宣言GydF4y2Ba RoHS / REACH / Green证书GydF4y2Ba
5L-SOT23 Package Homogeneous Materials and SGS Report - UTAC RoHS / REACH / Green证书GydF4y2Ba

Evaluation Board(GydF4y2Ba联系Silime.GydF4y2Ba)GydF4y2Ba- SIT6097EB(2928)GydF4y2Ba

Time Machine II Programmer– Program frequency, voltage, stability & more

Frequency Slope (dF/dT) Calculator- 计算频率斜率超过温度GydF4y2Ba

Reliability Calculator– Get FIT/MTBF data for various operating conditions

sot 23 5-pinsGydF4y2Ba3D步骤模型GydF4y2Ba– Preview oscillator packages in 3D


资源名称GydF4y2Ba 类型GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 7.3728MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 8.192MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT20188MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT20189.8304MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 9.84375MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 11.0592MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201812.288MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 12MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201813.52127MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201813.225625MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201814.7456MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 14.31818MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201815MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 16.384MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201818.432MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201819.6608MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201820MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201822.1184MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201824.56MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201824.576MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201824MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 25MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201826MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 27MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 29.4912MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 32MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201833MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201836MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201840MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201848MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201850MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 54MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201862.5MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201865MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201872MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 74.25MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 74.176MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018 75MHz LVCMOS.GydF4y2Ba 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT201877.76MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018100MHz LVCMOS 弗里克。测试报告GydF4y2Ba
SIT2018(LVCMOS,1.8 V)GydF4y2Ba IBIS Models
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SIT2018(2.25至3.63 V)GydF4y2Ba IBIS Models
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