60至220 MHz,±0.5至±2.5 ppm AEC-Q100超级TCXOGydF4y2Ba

SIT5187 AEC-Q100汽车级超级TCXO是一种高度灵活的紧密稳定性振荡器,能够支持高达220 MHz。亚博电竞Based on the Elite Platform with SiTime’s unique DualMEMS™ and TurboCompensation™ temperature sensing technology, this device delivers excellent dynamic performance in the presence of common environmental hazards, such as airflow, temperature perturbation, vibration, shock, power supply noise and electromagnetic interference (EMI). The SiT5187 is engineered for high-reliability systems in audomotive.

The SiT5187 can be factory-programmed to any combination of frequency, stability, voltage and pull range. This programmability enables designers to customize MEMS TCXO configuration for best system performance while eliminating the long lead time and customization costs associated with quartz devices.

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Small 5.0 x 3.2 mm package
Oscillator Type TCXO-SEGydF4y2Ba
频率GydF4y2Ba 60到220 MHzGydF4y2Ba
频率稳定性(PPM)GydF4y2Ba ±0.5,±1,±2.5GydF4y2Ba
阶段抖动(RMS)GydF4y2Ba 0.31 ps
输出类型GydF4y2Ba lvcmos.GydF4y2Ba
工作温度范围(°C)GydF4y2Ba -20 to 70 (Grade 4), -40 to 85 (Grade 3), -40 to 105 (Grade 2)
拉伸范围(PPM)GydF4y2Ba ±6.25,±10,±12.5,±25,±50,±80,±100,±125,±150,±200,±400,±600,±800,±1600,±3200GydF4y2Ba
电压电源(V)GydF4y2Ba 2.5,2.8,3,3.3GydF4y2Ba
Package Type (mm²) 5.0 x 3.2 10-pin
特性GydF4y2Ba Precision TCXO


  • 温度-40°C至105°C±0.5ppmGydF4y2Ba

Exceptional dynamic stability under airflow, fast temp. ramp

  • 3e-11 ADEV at 10 second average time
  • ±15 ppb /°C频率斜率(Δf/Δt),10°C / min斜坡GydF4y2Ba
    • 在任何操作条件下都可以实现最快的卫星锁GydF4y2Ba


  • Minimizes loss of satellite lock in high-vibration environments

No activity dips or microjumps

  • 消除了对昂贵的检查或燃烧测试的需求GydF4y2Ba

0.2 PS / MV电源噪声抑制(PSNR)GydF4y2Ba

  • 通过消除TCXO专用LDO来减少BOMGydF4y2Ba

70GydF4y2BaGGydF4y2Bavibration and 30,000GGydF4y2Ba震惊GydF4y2Ba

  • 恶劣条件下的最佳稳健性和可靠性GydF4y2Ba

lvcmos.or Clipped sinewave output

  • 优化EMI和抖动之间的最佳平衡GydF4y2Ba


  • 任何频率在60到189 MHz和200到220 MHz之间GydF4y2Ba
  • ±0.5 ppm,±1 ppm,±2.5 ppmGydF4y2Ba
  • 2.25至3.63 vGydF4y2Ba
  • Large pull range from ±6.25 to ±3200 ppm:
    • 自定义TCXO规范以获得最佳系统性能GydF4y2Ba

Digital frequency tuning through I2C

  • 消除由板噪声引起的频移GydF4y2Ba


  • 1 billion hours MTBF
  • 寿命保修:降低由于时钟组件引起的维修费用和现场故障GydF4y2Ba
  • Precision GNSS
  • GPS/GNSS modules


文档名称GydF4y2Ba Type
Electronics Industry Citizen Coalition Template 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
SINTIME产品的制造票据GydF4y2Ba 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
环境冲突金属宣言GydF4y2Ba 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
sitEnvironmental Policy 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
日期代码的境内保修(16.72 kB)GydF4y2Ba 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba
冲突矿物报告模板GydF4y2Ba 其他优质文件GydF4y2Ba

SIT6722(5032)评估板用户手册GydF4y2Ba- 评估振荡器性能GydF4y2Ba

频率斜率(DF / DT)计算器GydF4y2Ba– Calculate frequency slope over temperature

时间错误仿真软件GydF4y2Ba- 模拟和分析本地振荡器的影响GydF4y2Ba

陶瓷5032个10销GydF4y2Ba3D Step Model- 预览3D中的振荡器包GydF4y2Ba