60至220 MHz,±0.1至±2.5 ppm AEC-Q100超级TCXO

The SiT5387 is an AEC-Q100 automotive-grade ±100 ppb high-frequency MEMS Precision Super-TCXO. This device, based on the Elite Platform, is engineered for best dynamic performance. By leveraging SiTime’s unique DualMEMS™ and TurboCompensation™ temperature sensing technology, the SiT5387 delivers the most stable timing in the presence of environmental stressors – airflow, temperature perturbation, vibration, shock, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

SIT5387可以进行工厂用于频率,稳定性,电压和拉伸范围的任何组合。该可编程性使设计人员能够优化时钟配置,同时消除与Quartz TCXO相关联的长时间的时间和定制成本,其中每个频率是自定义的。

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Watch dynamic performance of Elite Super-TCXO vs 50-ppb quartz TCXO under airflow, temp. ramp, tap test, and VDD fluctuation

Small 5.0 x 3.2 mm package
振荡器类型 TCXO-SE
频率 60 to 220 MHz
频率Stability (ppm) ±0.1, ±0.2, ±0.25
Phase Jitter (rms) 0.31 PS.
Output Type lvcmos.
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -20 to +70 (Grade 4), -40 to +85 (Grade 3), -40 to +105 (Grade 2)
拉伸范围(PPM) ±6.25,±10,±12.5,±25,±50,±80,±100,±125,±150,±200,±400,±600,±800,±1600,±3200
电压电源(V) 2.5, 2.8, 3, 3.3
包类型(mm²) 5.0 x 3.2 10针
特征 精确TCXO

行业's most stable automotive-grade TCXO

  • ±100 ppb over AEC-Q100 Grade 2 temperature from -40 °C to 105 °C

高达220 MHz输出频率

  • Eliminates need for frequency multipliers

Exceptional dynamic stability under airflow, fast temp. ramp

  • 3E-11 ADEV在10秒平均时间
  • ±1 ppb/°C frequency slope (ΔF/ΔT), 10 °C/min. ramp
    • Ensures system level quality of service for telecom and networking equipment in hostile environments

20x better phase noise under vibration

  • 最小化高振动环境中的呼叫和/或链接下降


  • Eliminates any need for costly screening or burn-in tests

0.2 PS / MV电源噪声抑制(PSNR)

  • Reduces BOM by eliminating a dedicated LDO for TCXO


  • Best robustness and reliability in harsh conditions


  • 优化EMI和抖动之间的最佳平衡


  • Any frequency between 60 to 189 MHz and 200 to 220 MHz
  • 2.25至3.63 v
  • 大型拉伸范围从±6.25到±3200 ppm:
    • 自定义TCXO规范以获得最佳系统性能

Digital frequency tuning through I2C

  • Eliminate frequency shift caused by board noise

Superior reliability

  • 10亿小时平均
  • Lifetime Warranty: Reduces repair costs and field failures due to clock components
  • 精密GNSS.
  • GPS/GNSS modules

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