1 to 141 MHz, Spread-spectrum Oscillator


最多降低30 dB



Emissions compliance failure, which typically happens during the last stage of product development, can result in unplanned troubleshooting efforts and costly production delays. The SiT9005 solves EMI problem by offering two techniques for compliance: spread spectrum clocking and rise/fall time adjustment of the clock signal. What’s more, the SiT9005 is supported by SiTime’s Time Machine II programmer that allows engineers to instantly program spread modulation and/or drive strength to quickly reduce emissions levels.

Program oscillators to get instant samples, optimized performance, and fast prototyping |了解更多

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工业standard packages for EMI reduction and drop-in replacement of quartz oscillators without any board changes
振荡器类型 SSXO-SE
频率 1 to 141 MHz
频率Stability (ppm) ±20, ±25, ±50
Output Type LVCMOS
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -20 to +70, -40 to +85
Spread Profile Triangular, Hershey Kiss
Spread Percentage (%) Center: ±0.125 to ±2.000, Down: -0.25 to -4.00
FlexEdge公司商标上升/下降时间 是的
Voltage Supply (V) 1.8, 2.5 to 3.3
包装类型(mm²) 2.0x1.6, 2.5x2.0, 3.2x2.5
特征 减少电磁干扰,现场可编程
Availability 生产

Flexible EMI reduction options

  • 宽展范围:中心展至±2.0%,向下展至-4.0%

  • Configurable rise/fall time: 8 options

  • Configurable spread profile: Triangular or Hershey-Kiss

Up to 17 dB EMI reduction on carrier frequency and 30 dB on harmonics

Instant programmability with the SiTime Time Machine II oscillator programmer

  • 零样品提前期

  • 确保最快的上市时间


  • 100% drop-in replacement of oscillators

  • Enables EMI reduction without board redesign, metal housing or other expensive EMI reduction methods

业界最小的包装2.0 x 1.6毫米

  • 为空间敏感应用程序节省电路板空间

世界最佳周期间抖动:8.5 ps

  • Minimize impact to system timing budget


  • 任何频率在1到141兆赫之间,精确到小数点后6位

  • 电源电压为1.8 V;2.5至3.3 V

  • 频率stability from ±20 ppm to ±50 ppm

  • Printers
  • 平板司机
  • PCIe
  • 工业电动机
  • High-speed serial link
  • 工厂自动化
  • 安全与监视
  • 医用电子学
  • 个人电脑
  • Audio & video
  • Home appliances

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4L-QFN包装组成报告(SiT9005)-UTAC 成分报告
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TSMC Wafer SGS Report RoHS/Reach/Green Certificates
Tower Jazz Wafer SGS Report RoHS/Reach/Green Certificates
4L / 6L-QFN封装均质材料和SGS报告 RoHS/Reach/Green Certificates
BOSCH Wafer SGS Report RoHS/Reach/Green Certificates
SiTime Environmental Compliance Declaration RoHS/Reach/Green Certificates
Certificate of Compliance-EU RoHS Declaration RoHS/Reach/Green Certificates

Eval Boards(Contact SiTime)– SiT6095 (2016) | SiT6081 (2520) | SiT6082 (3225)

频率斜率(dF/dT)计算器- 计算频率斜率超过温度

Time Machine II Programmer– Program frequency, voltage, stability & more

可靠性计算器– Get FIT/MTBF data for various operating conditions

2016 4-Pins|2520 4针|3225 4针– Preview packages withQFN 3D step models

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