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夏娃ryone expects the best from technology. Being connected and having access to information are taken for granted. But did you know that connectivity relies heavily on timing?

If timing fails

  • Battery life would be much shorter
  • Internet browsing would be slow or stop completely
  • Calls, emails, and text messages wouldn't be sent

sitdevices ensure reliable connectivity in cell phones, tablets, smartwatches, and fitness tracking bands. Plus, our timing solutions use up to 40% less power than quartz, which means batteries can run longer.

Smaller PCB area
1.2 mm2 CSP
Drives multiple loads
Longer battery life
Ultra-low power: 900 nA
Minimizes BLE ON time with 3 ppm stability
LTE-DRX compliant, ensures connectivity
在10°C / S Temp中保持稳定性。斜坡



Smaller size, Drives multiple loads

Featured Parts:SiT1566,SiT1572,SiT1580

Lower power, Smaller footprint

Featured Parts:SIT1552.,SiT1572,SiT1580
Fitness tracker

Lower power, Smaller footprint

Featured Parts:SiT1532,SiT1572,SiT1581
Wireless charging

Custom frequencies, Smaller size, Lower power

Featured Parts:SiT1581,SiT8008,SiT8009,SiT8021
Data connectivity

3 ppm stability, Smaller footprint

Featured Parts:SiT1566,SiT1572,SiT1580

Smaller footprint, Lower power

Featured Parts:SiT1532,SiT1572,SiT1576,SiT1580

Smaller footprint, Drives multiple loads

Featured Parts:SiT1532,SiT1576,SiT1581,SiT8021

3 ppm stability, Smaller footprint

Featured Parts:SiT1566,SiT1569,SiT1580,SiT8021

Features & Benefits

What are customers saying?

“Garmin makes products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. Our innovation focuses on developing technologies that enable our customers to enrich their experiences as they pursue their passions. SiTime’s MEMS timing solutions help extend battery life across several of our product lines.”

Patrick desbois.
Executive vice president of operations

SiTime的μPowerMEMS定时解决方案提供了超小型占地面积,低功耗和精度的独特组合,使其成为时钟敏感的电池驱动产品的理想选择。通过可编程驱动强度,这些设备可以驱动多个负载,例如BLE睡眠时钟,RTC,音频和其他连接SOC。另外,它们可用in custom and low frequencies that quartz cannot support.

  • Programmable frequency from 1 Hz to 26 MHz
  • Small footprint, 1.5x0.8 mm CSP (1.2mm2) or 2.0x1.2 mm QFN
  • Oscillator output drives multiple loads and eliminates XTALs
  • 超低功率,低至<1μA
  • NanoDrive™ programmable output swing lowers power
  • Stability as good as ±3 ppm improves timekeeping and system power
  • 恶劣环境中的强大性能和更高的稳定性
  • New EpiSeal resonators, impervious to small-molecule gases
  • Ultra-short lead times

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