115 to 137 MHz, High Temperature (-40 to +125°C) SOT23 Oscillator

The SiT2019B oscillator comes in a SOT23 package for the best board-level solder joint reliability and low-cost, optical-ONLYboard-level检查。该设备具有宽频范围,excellent stability, and the shortest lead time forindustrial, medical, automotive, avionics, and other high-temperature applications.该器件还具有业界最佳的0.1 PPB / G振动灵敏度,50,000克冲击和70克抗振性。

对于SMD包中的相同设备,请参阅SiT8919Bclock oscillator.

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Leaded SOT23 package for best board-level reliability, inspection, and manufacturability
振荡器类型 XO-SE
频率 115 to 137 MHz
频率Stability (ppm) ±20, ±25, ±50
Phase Jitter (rms) 1.3 PS.
Output Type lvcmos.
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to +105, -40 to +125
FlexEdge.TM值上涨/下降时间 是的
Voltage Supply (V) 1.8, 2.5 to 3.3
包类型(mm²) SOT23 (2.9x2.8)
特征 现场可编程,高温125°C,SOT23-5
Availability Production

+/-20 ppm over automotive temp. (-40 to 125 °C)

  • Better timing margin ideal for outdoor and high-temp. operating environment

Configurable feature sets

  • Any frequency between 110 to 137 MHz with 6 decimal places of accuracy
  • 1.8 V或2.5 V至3.3 V电源电压
  • Customize specification for optimal system performance
  • 使用相同的基础设备进行许多设计,减少资格需求

0.1 ppb/g低的g-sensitivity:

  • 改善了振动下的系统性能
  • Carrier drop-test compliance (STB, etc.);


  • Best system reliability in harsh environments;

FlexEdge.™ rise/fall time

  • Optimize EMI to reduce interference to other subsystems;

SOT23-5 package

  • 最佳板级焊接联合可靠性
  • Easy, low-cost, optical-only, board-level inspection of solder joint;


  • Reduce inventory overhead
  • Mitigate shortage risks

  • Industrial sensors
  • Servo motors
  • Industrial control systems
  • High-temp. networking gears
  • Medical video CAM
  • Asset tracking
  • 精密GNSS.
  • GPS / GNSS模块
  • Railroads

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评估板(Contact SiTime)- SIT6097(2928 SOT23-5)

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